Aanii, Biindigen

We at the Wiikwemkoong heritage organization strive to save our culture and language. We promote/host culture-based events we also host language classes and encourage anyone and everyone to come out and learn out language. We Wiikwemkoong band members speak not one but 3 different dialects which include Odawa, Pottawatomi, and Ojibwa and is called “3 fires dialect”. We have an app out to teach our language its called "Anishnaabemowin App"and is available on iOS (Apple) and Android (Google Play). We are also working with a company to create the "Challange4Change App" app which also is available for iOS and Android. This app will not only teach our language but also some of our Culture and out way of thinking and our history. We are also in the process of creating an online learning portal for our language and our way of thinking along with some of our culture. This is proving to be difficult due to the 3 fires dialect hasn’t been written down it was and still is an oral and descriptive language. So, for us to be writing it is new or newish and will take time to complete.